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With almost all public charge points mapped, Zapmap gives you the widest choice of charging options, tailored to your needs. Even better, you can see the current status of each location so you know which chargers are available right now – helping you to stay charged, wherever you go.

Search for charge points Search 60,000 charge points
Live charge point status See live status updates twenty-four seven
Find available chargers Find available chargers to suit your needs
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Coast-to-coast chargers

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With tens of thousands of EV chargers across the country, you can find almost all of them on Zapmap. Whether you’re road tripping or food shopping, Zapmap provides peace of mind and the confidence to drive any length of journey in your EV.
Live availability feature

Live charge point status

all day, every day

As well as the widest choice of charging options, Zapmap shows live availability status on around 75% of chargers. That means you can see which charge points are available right now, from the ones at the end of your road to the chargers at the supermarket or on the motorway.
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Powerful filters

to suit your needs

We have detailed information on almost all public chargers in the UK, plus a whole range of filters to tailor charging to your needs. Open Zapmap to find the charge points you want to use – and stay charged wherever you go.

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The go-to app for electric car drivers... Every EV owner needs Zapmap installed on their smartphone.

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The definitive download for finding EV charging points available in the UK.

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Zapmap has become my favourite tool to find chargers… an absolute god-send!

Robert Llewellyn