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Access the UK’s leading source of public charge point data and offer cross-network payments in your digital products

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Search API Search API Charge point data
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Zapmap Spark platform

Scalable, secure, and enriched EV data and payments aggregation platform

Through a single integration, you can access over 95% of public charging locations, the majority of which with live data feeds, offer EV route planning and even offer digital payments across over 30% of the leading CPO networks. Develop a seamless customer experience for your EV drivers with a suite of features powered by Zapmap’s CPO integrations and market-leading data quality. 

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Search API

Access data on over 95% of the UK’s public charge points - over 70% with real time data, giving details on whether chargers are in-use or available for charging.

Our Search API also offers access to information for individual charge point networks on pricing, power ratings and facilities at the location itself.
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Plan API

Tap into Zapmap’s unique route planning engine, and offer market-leading EV routing capabilities in your own digital estate.

This planning engine enables drivers to find not just any charging location, but the one that suits their needs best, whether that’s driven by price, facilities, or time away from their route.
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Offer your users the option to pay for charging across multiple networks within app via Zapmap’s Pay API.

With over 30% of public chargers accepting Zap-Pay, and more on their way, the Pay API offers a single gateway to unlocking cutting edge EV payment functionality.

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