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Become a CPO partner

We offer a range of solutions for charge point operators, helping you understand and increase your network’s visibility and utilisation.

MFG EV Power

CPO partnerships

Improving the public network

Together with our CPO partners, we are able to optimise drivers’ experience of public charging, as well as increase the visibility and utilisation of these networks.

Increased visibility

We display your charge points in the Zapmap app, including live status updates so that drivers know when a charge point is available.

We promote CPO partners to our 500,000+ engaged EV driver customers, as well as to our industry partners via communication channels such as the website, newsletter, app, social media and events.

We also offer the option of Zap-Pay, a simple way to pay for charging across networks from within the Zapmap app.

Simple payment for your customers

Our all-in-one payment solution is an easy way for EV drivers to pay for charging, especially when they are already using the app to search for charge points and plan their routes.

Covering all types of charge points, Zap-Pay means drivers avoid the hassle of using multiple apps across different networks, giving them one place to pay, wherever they go.

With Apple Pay and Google Pay, trackable payment history, and the ability for customers to view charging progress when away from their vehicle, Zap-Pay provides a simple and convenient payment solution across your network.

Data & insights from EV drivers

Zapmap has established a unique position in the UK’s EV market. We’ve also been working closely with charge point operators in the UK since 2014. This means we’re well placed to help your business leverage this position and drive the growth of your network.

We can provide market insights and analysis of the quickly evolving EV charging market. From granular reports to high-level statistics, from sharing ‘Zap-Chats’ to delivering our annual EV Charging Survey, we offer reliable insight into the shape and usage of EV charging infrastructure, as well as the attitudes and behaviour of EV drivers.

Zapmap Insights

Data & insights

Reliable figures from the EV market

The leading source of EV charging data

Credible insight into UK charging infrastructure

EV driver attitudes & behaviour

Media & tools

Designed for your customers

We can provide data-driven calculators and tools

Reach current and prospective EV drivers

Embed helpful tools on your website


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