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With dealers at the forefront of the electric revolution, see how we can help you sell to prospective EV drivers.


We help dealers sell EVs

Learn more about EVs and EV charging

We work with dealerships to help bring your EV charging knowledge up to speed, as well as improve your confidence and service to prospective electric vehicle customers – all with the aim of accelerating the switch to electric.

Zapmap tools for your website

It’s important that new EV drivers leave your showroom feeling confident about owning and using their electric car.

From showing your customers charge points in their local area with our customisable charge point maps, through to answering questions with our handy EV calculators and showroom cards, we can help you answer all your prospects’ questions with conviction.

EV charging knowledge hub

This new world of EVs can be a little bewildering. We offer a wealth of resources to help build up your knowledge and confidence when discussing EVs.

From top tips, the latest data, guides, facts and figures, and even a monthly Dealer Update, we can provide all the knowledge you need to get those EVs off your forecourt and into customer hands.

Zapmap's in-car feature

Value-added packages

A first-class EV experience

Smarter EV charging for customers

A range of enhanced features

The finishing touch for your offer

Media & tools

Designed for your customers

We can provide data-driven calculators and tools

Reach current and prospective EV drivers

Embed helpful tools on your website


Find out how Nissan works with Zapmap to provide intuitive electric travel for its EV customers.


Nissan have always been pioneers of the electric vehicle market and Zapmap leads the way for charge mapping. This partnership is a logical next step as both companies continue to pave the way for intuitive electric travel.

Nic Thomas, Nissan