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Government bodies

As transport evolves, we can provide top-line statistics, detailed reports and comprehensive surveys that keep you up to speed.


Public sector partnerships

Supporting decision-making in the EV segment

Zapmap works with a wide variety of partners throughout the EV ecosystem. From providing data and insights to government bodies to delivering reliable, credible information and knowledge on the EV charging landscape to local authorities, we’re always interested in working with organisations where we can help to accelerate the transition to zero-emission mobility.

Reliable, credible information

With the most comprehensive EV charging dataset in the UK, more than 95% of public charge points mapped and around 75% of charge points showing live availability status, Zapmap can help your department understand when, where and who has installed chargers, as well as what types of charge points are in place across the UK.

Tracking infrastructure growth

Founded in 2014, in the earliest stages of the transition to electric vehicles, Zapmap has been a trusted partner of the UK’s Department of Transport’s Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV), tracking and reporting on the growth of EV infrastructure across the country.


Data & insights

Reliable figures from the EV market

The leading source of EV charging data
Credible insight into UK charging infrastructure
EV driver attitudes & behaviour

Department for Transport

See how Zapmap and the Department for Transport work together to provide the UK's official statistics on charge point infrastructure.


To produce the official statistics, charging device location data is sourced from the electric vehicle charging platform Zapmap. There are no other sources with such comprehensive coverage against which we could verify the Zapmap devices.

Department for Transport