IONITY Lewes - credit ZM user Electrohead

IONITY opens 350kW EV charging site in Greater Brighton

Nic Ryan

IONITY has opened a high power electric vehicle (EV) charging site in Greater Brighton, located on the A27  at the former Newmarket Inn building in Lewes.

The EV charging site is conveniently located for visitors to the South Downs National Park, and open to all vehicle brands - initially providing six 350kW stations with the ambition to expand to 12.. 

The site will also have a full Starbucks coffee shop on site so customers can enjoy Starbucks amenities and new summer menu, whilst charging their vehicle thanks to the partnership between Cobra Coffee Ltd and IONITY. The two businesses are looking to develop together elsewhere in the South of England as sites become available. 

Charging with IONITY means 100% green energy from source to socket, which makes EV travel emission-free and truly carbon neutral, providing a positive contribution to the overall goal of decarbonisation across the UK and Europe.

"Within the UK there are spots that are in desperate need of charging sites that enable long distance travel with an EV and Greater Brighton is one of them,” said Andreas Atkins, IONITY's Country Manager for the UK and Ireland.

“Partnering with Cobra Coffee to bring a Starbucks alongside EV charging abilities is just one step in the right direction for our aspirations for the area. We are looking forward to building on this partnership and providing the whole of the UK with sufficient charging abilities that are convenient and speedy”.

IONITY Lewes - credit ZM user Electrohead

Photo credit: Zapmap user, Electrohead


From 28 May IONITY lowered its IONITY DIRECT charging prices in 12 European countries.  Depending on the country and the tariff, prices per kilowatt hour are available from 0.43p (GBP). 

“The local area is often described as a charging desert and we are delighted to play our part in decarbonising travel for those living in, visiting or travelling across the National Park,” said Mark Smith, CEO of Cobra Coffee, a Starbucks franchise.

“IONITY was a natural partner for us as the two businesses have a shared ambition to act now on climate change. This means we have been able to bring easy to use charging that is 100% renewable, fast and reliable. We look forward to welcoming EV charging and other road users to our newly refurbished coffee shop with a great Starbucks range of beverages and food, in a thoughtful re-working of an existing and well-known building.

“We are excited about the future potential opportunities from partnering with IONITY as we look for further sites together.” 

Users of the Zapmap app and web map are able to view the live status and availability of IONITY charge points at any time, making planning for charging stops even easier.